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Inmate Roster

This Roster is not updated daily. If you have any questions regarding inmates in custody please refer to or call 620-625-8640.  Current List of Inmates as of 07-13-2021

Inmate Name:

Date of Arrest: Agency of Arrest: Next court date:

Bond Amount:


Burnett-Church, Ezra

06-23-2021 Sheriff's Office 08-05-2021 @ 0930

no Bond

Wilson County

Acklin, Storm A

03-25-2021 Sheriff's Office  04-19-2021 @ 0930


Allen County

Callaway, Sherrie 

04-18-2021 Sheriff's Office 08-19-2021

No Bond

Allen County

Kellogg, William

07-03-2021 Sheriff's Office 08-02-2021 @0930


Allen County

Fisher, Michael

07-04-2021 YCPD 08-09-2021 @1330

No Bond

Allen County

Whitaker, Benjamin

01-21-2021 Sheriff's Office  08-16-2021 @0930

$10,000 Cash/Surety



Odom, Michael

07-03-2021 Sheriff's Office pending

No Bond

Allen County

Jones, Jay

06-01-2021 YCPD 07-28-2021 @ 0930

No Bond

Allen County

Beisley, Cassandra

04-29-2021 Sheriff's Office Pending

$2000 Cash/Surety

Wilson County

Martin, Joshua


Sheriff's Office


No Bond

Allen County Jail

Lacrone, Kevin

05-23-2020  Sheriff's Office Sentenced Sentenced

Allen County Jail


****Bond amounts posted are not legally binding, please see official court documents or call the Sheriff's Office for up to date information*******












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