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News Release



Sheriff Jeffrey A. McCullough




On June 30, 2022, at approximately 1:03 PM, a male subject made a telephone call to the Woodson County District Court Clerk's Office and stated that there was a bomb in the basement. The caller ID indicated "Anonymous".  The Court Clerk called the Woodson County Sheriff's Dispatch immediately and reported it.  The Woodson County Sheriff's personnel immediately evacuated the courthouse and called Kansas Highway Patrol for the Bomb Unit and Bomb Detecting K-9 to respond.  While waiting for the KHP Personnel and K-9 to arrive, Yates Center Fire Department, Yates Center Police Department and the Woodson County Emergency Management assisted in notifying each business around the square encouraging them to evacuate as well. Woodson County EMS, Woodson County Rural Fire and Toronto Fire were placed on standby.  The Woodson County Sheriff's Dispatch was moved to the Yates Center Fire Department and all jail inmates were transported to the Allen County Jail.


The Woodson County Courthouse was searched by KHP Bomb K-9 and KHP personnel and they discovered no incendiary device(s) (Bomb) inside the courthouse.  After the courthouse was checked, later in the afternoon the employees of the courthouse were notified that the courthouse would be able to reopen the next business day.


The Kansas Bureau of Investigation sent a Special Agent that is highly experienced in Electronic Tracking and Electronic devices.  The Special Agent was able to determine the identity the caller through the telephone carrier, the telephone number and subscriber of the telephone number.  After a lengthy search and using the resources afforded to us, we were able to make an arrest in connection to the telephone call made.  Later that evening a man was arrested and booked into the Woodson County Jail and is currently being held on alleged charges of Terrorism, Interference with the Judicial Process, Interference with Law Enforcement, Aggravated Criminal Threat and several other charges.  All individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.