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Special Thanksgiving Traffic Enforcement Campaign


For immediate release

Contact: Sheriff Jeffrey McCullough

Phone: 620-625-8640

Special Thanksgiving Traffic Enforcement Campaign


During the Thanksgiving Safe arrival traffic enforcement campaign that The Woodson County Sheriff's office just completed, our office conducted overtime patrols to aggressively target the unrestrained driver, while upholding all Kansas traffic laws. Over the period, November 20-29th, deputies issued 3 adult/teen safety belt citations, 11 speeding citations, along with 2 other citations. All told, deputies made 37 enforcement stops during the campaign. 

According to agency spokesperson, Sheriff McCullough, "the driving force behind enforcement campaigns like this is, first and foremost, to save lives and reduce injury on our Kansas roads." 

While this campaign may be over, our agency will always be vigilant in our enforcement of Kansas traffic safety laws.

Buckle up, it saves lives.


Sheriff Jeffrey McCullough