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Woodson County Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodson County Sheriff's office is to serve and protect. It is our mission to provide professional public service to all citizens no matter their race, religion or creed, upholding the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of Kansas.  Our office will indiscriminately enforce the law, by rendering assistance to the public without discrimination, whenever or wherever needed. We are committed to stop unlawful activity and respond to all requests for law enforcement services within Woodson County.

The Woodson County Sheriff's Office will be vigilant striving to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of those we are honored to serve.  While conducting ourselves in a professional and ethical manner, conscious of the high level of integrity necessary to ensure the public trust.

Agency Values

The Woodson County Sheriff's office exists to serve and protect the community by enforcing laws, preventing crime, maintaining order, and aggressively pursuing criminal offenders. Demanding excellance accountability, a cooperation, and a strong work ethic in those that serve you, the public.  We value team players, decision makers, problem solvers, laws and human life, the state of Kansas's laws and the Constitution of the United States. We ensure the public trust through our core principles of integrit, teamwork and vigilance.



The Woodson County Sheriff's Office law enforcement officers ackowledge the fact our community holds us to the highest standards of conduct.  Our values are held constantly before us to teach and remind us of our uncompromising allegiance to our core principles.  They are the foundation upon which our policies, operations and goals are built.



Teamwork builds cooperation and unanimity, while reinforcing and creating a positive work environment.  As a team we enjoy working collectively with the  public and other law enforcement agencies.  We value our fellow employees and strive to treat everyone with the same respect, which we expect from others.



Providing competent, proactive policing by an innovative and well-trained work force, working together to achieve our goals.